Who I Am


Writers live twice.

These were the words of my second-year writing professor, and they have stayed with me for more than a decade as I’ve written my way through a degree in Creative Writing and Journalism, three personal blogs, hundreds of articles, and a range of client projects.

I write because the process gives shape to my life. Through exploring the what and the how and mostly the why, I gain clarity on who I am and where I’ve been. (And why, hopefully, any of it matters.) Writing illuminates my experiences. I live, and through the reflection and expression of writing, re-live. This exploration is both enriching and difficult, joyful and tedious — less a personal choice than a soul-driven necessity. It has called to me since I was a young girl sitting on a lake shore in Saskatchewan, writing letters each summer to my friends on Vancouver Island. It connects me. It sustains me. Writing makes me feel like me.

I was born in Canada and grew up mostly in Victoria, B.C. Living near the ocean and forests instilled in me a love for the West Coast. Since strapping on my first backpack at 18, I have travelled or lived throughout Europe, the Middle East, S.E. Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and India. I currently live in Sacramento with my husband Joe and our cats, Wizard and Marlow.

In 2008 I started writing professionally, taking on copywriting and editing projects while completing my B.A. In 2012 I launched my business, providing writing and editing services that range from website and ad copy to brand development and manuscript editing. My clients are a mix of solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and creative people of all kinds. Along with client projects I write for magazines, most recently San Francisco Magazine, East Bay Monthly, Benicia Magazine, and Travel Portland. You can find a sampling of my client and magazine work on my portfolio, and learn more about working with me here.

On this site, I share pieces of my life and perspective, interviews with writers and artists, thoughts on travel, books, film, music, poetry, the creative process, and anything else that inspires. I believe that sharing stories connects people to each other. This sense of connection brings me deep fulfillment.

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