“If you want to work with an intelligent and skilled writer, work with Courtney. She always comes through with great copy, on time. Her editorials are articulate and informative, and she can lead projects effectively with very little direction. With advertorial copy, she is able to convey a client’s story and to sell and promote without any unnecessary components. Feedback from the clients Courtney works with is always positive. I would recommend her without hesitation!”

“Courtney is seriously gifted with words. We have worked together developing the website, newsletters, advertisements, event strategies, and direction for a real estate development, and she constantly brings her creativity and fresh ideas to the table. Courtney is self-directed, extremely accountable, and massively talented. She is the full marketing/copy writing/editing package. As I’ve said many times before, Courtney, you rock. I love working with you.”

“Courtney took a scattered, 400-plus page blog and helped me craft it into a clear, relevant, 30-page sample of essays on family, self, and culture-clash. When I need reining in on long, over-reaching prose, Courtney reined. When I needed direction on theme, narration, and focus of voice, Courtney was my compass. And when I thought I could edit no more, Courtney proved otherwise – gently, necessarily, and expertly. Courtney’s keen eye, boundless efforts, and writing expertise not only helped me stay true to my voice, they cemented it and made it lasting.”

“Courtney has a thoughtful writing style with a lovely flow. While being thorough, she also writes with ease, making her words lucid and enjoyable to read. Our clients often mention that she did an excellent job on their article and was great to work with. She is a kind and cooperative colleague.”

“While designing the website for our retail clothing store, my sister and I struggled trying to describe our goals, accomplishments, and vision in a way that was well written, concise, interesting, and innovative. Well that’s exactly what we accomplished when we brought Courtney on board! By asking us well-thought-out, specific, and unconventional questions, she was able to create content that captured our story and defined our individual strengths. The process Courtney used made our part so easy and uncomplicated; she did all the work! We absolutely loved the bios and website content she created for us, and couldn’t have asked for more.”

“Courtney’s been my go-to editor throughout my academic career, and I continue to be impressed by her skills, professionalism and critical insight. She has edited several lengthy graduate papers, my Master of Arts thesis which exceeded 200 pages, and my Doctorate proposal. She’s incredibly thorough, offering suggestions on word choice, how best to articulate my points, and key tips on how to write concisely. Courtney’s genuine passion for words, precision, and thoughtful, specific feedback will be invaluable to anyone looking for an editor determined to help make your work the best it can be.”

“People need to know how great it is to work with Courtney! I was updating the website for my jewellery design business, and wanted the text to feel like an extension of me and my design process. The content she wrote for me is creative and organized, and has helped the right clients find me. I used to rely 100% on word-of-mouth, but am now busier than ever, because my website helps attract clients from all over the world that are a good fit for my style. I would definitely recommend Courtney. She had clear expectations of what information she needed from me and was able to customize her process to suit my project. I can’t thank her enough.”

“When I received my edited manuscript from Courtney, I devoured her notes. Everything she said resonated deeply. Her suggestions were clear and thorough, and gave me the proper tools to navigate the revision process. My manuscript (a book-length memoir) now has better rhythm, pacing dialogue, and more depth of story and characters. I would recommend to anyone to reach out to Courtney for her editing skills. She is totally devoted, offering critiques and guidance while at the same time giving compliments. Courtney has the ability to make you strive for your best until you’re left with this wonderful belief in yourself. My writing has improved immeasurably since our work together.”

“Courtney’s writing strikes a fine balance between informative and emotive, diving beneath the surface to successfully reveal the heart of any given subject. She employs word and constructs sentences in a way that’s both imaginative and lyrical, leading the reader on an enjoyable journey. This style of writing makes it easy for readers to understand and embrace the topic at hand. As a colleague, Courtney is reliable, consistently meeting or exceeding deadlines. Bottom line? She delivers.”

“Courtney dissected my website section by section and offered me amazing, creative suggestions about how to draw a reader in and give them a better understanding of what they will gain through hiring me. Her editing helped me transform the descriptions of my workshops from very basic to richly definitive. I would absolutely recommend Courtney – she was fast, thorough, descriptive, creative, and helpful. All of her suggestions were easy to implement and gave my website an excellent boost.”

“Courtney worked with me on my professional bio as well as an essay exploring the experience of collective joy. Her editing was exactly what I needed to tighten up my writing and make it flow. I really appreciated her ability to create space and lighten the density of my work – it simply opened up and breathed after she got her hands on it. I recommend her to anyone with copy editing needs. She’s thoughtful, thorough, and capable of helping you find your voice on paper.”

“If you’re thinking of hiring Courtney, do it, do it, do it. Her writing made my ideas sound concise and professional with the fun, conversational tone I wanted. Courtney communicated how each project’s process would work, stuck with deadlines, and delivered exactly what we discussed, on time. It was a pleasure working with her.”

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“I can give Courtney any topic to write about and she’ll put together an interesting, informative piece. She is confident about her skills and puts a lot of thought and creativity into each assignment. Our clients and sales representatives frequently request her for assignments, as they are always pleased with her work. Courtney is conscientious, easy to work with and an excellent writer. I highly recommend her.”