Going Home: Part 2 (The Vortex + Senanus Swim)

Going home always starts with a visit to my mom’s, and is almost always followed by hanging out with Adam and Antonia.


For those of you reading who don’t know them, they are my super talented musician friends, currently expressing their melodic awesomeness with their band Thieves. I could go on, but I’ll save the details for my upcoming interview with Adam. We’re gonna chat about music, life, transitions, the future…the sort of ground we’ve been covering in our lengthy conversations over the last 15 years or so, but shared here, on the blog. This is an interview I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and I’m really stoked we’re making it happen.

So a couple days after we returned to Victoria from Salt Spring, Joe and I drove out to Adam’s mom’s house for a BBQ. Tucked away off a narrow road in Saanichton, about 30 minutes from Victoria, this house is the stuff dreams are made of. (I rarely use clichés, but in this case, totally necessary.) Once you arrive, you never want to leave. We call it The Vortex.

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On Transitions. And the West Coast. And a Bunch of Other Stuff.

flowers and guitar

The new plant Melissa and Steve gave us on their visit last weekend. It’s called Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. Isn’t it lovely?


In two days a year will have passed since I flew to India, since I left Korea, since I stepped in cow dung on the broken concrete outside our hotel in Delhi’s Paharganj. The skin of my foot was bare against my sandal’s straps; an Indian boy offered to wipe it with torn newspaper from the incense stand beside us. Those shoes are  gone now. I left them somewhere in the south, I think, once the straps became so loose my toes began to slip over the edge.

In Portland the tree outside our balcony is naked. Its leaves disappeared somewhere between October and November, when the winter crept in, threatening to stamp out the flickers of light that were sparked inside me last May, when I leaned against Joe on the backs of motorcycles, sun blazing our necks, winding past Land For Sale signs in Lombok, Indonesia, green, green, surrounding us all the way to the horizon.

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