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Category: Round the Web

‘Round the Web: March 2015

How are you guys doing? March was a bit of a ‘life anniversary’ month for me, as three years ago, on March 1st, Joe and I flew to Delhi from Korea to start our three month trip to India, Indonesia, and Cambodia. I still get so much joy from those memories. (This is the video we made, while on the road, of our time in Rajasthan.) Life these days still feels adventurous, albeit in a different way than sleeping overnight in the desert or riding motorbikes to fishing villages with… Read more ‘Round the Web: March 2015

‘Round the Web: January 2015

It’s the end of the month, and that means link time, friends. You in? Have a cup of coffee/glass of wine/comfy seat? For my second edition of ‘Round the Web, I’ve rounded up a pretty diverse list that I hope is fun and interesting, but also informative and useful. If you missed it last month, this is a new monthly series in which I share the stuff online that’s caught my attention lately. Let’s dig in.  * How to launch a podcast. * Fascinating interview with Chaz Ebert. (She still… Read more ‘Round the Web: January 2015