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Category: Notes on Life

Seattle: What Should We Do + See?

Despite living just a two-and-a-half hour boat ride from Seattle for the bulk of my formative years, I’ve been to the city just three times: once when I was nine, with my next-door neighbour Audra and her mom, once for a girls’ weekend with Leah eight or so years ago, and once in November of 2013, for a 12-hour rendezvous with Gaeli. My memories are as follows: Childhood trip: No idea. We maybe/probably went to the Space Needle? Girls’ weekend with Leah: Dancing at a bar that our restaurant server… Read more Seattle: What Should We Do + See?

Line Break: ‘The Journey’ by Mary Oliver

You know what I miss? Poetry. Reading it, talking about it, even writing it, though poems are the most difficult kind of writing for me. For a time during university I read poetry almost every night before sleep, absorbing the way a line break could completely alter the relationship between words or how the clarity of one perfect image could translate an emotion onto a page. Poetry was a revelation for me. In 2015, I want to bring it back into my life. So, once a month or so I’m… Read more Line Break: ‘The Journey’ by Mary Oliver