‘Round the Web: March 2016

photo-1417721955552-a49ac2d334e8 (1).jpegHi all, I’m back from our trip to California and ready to head into April…but not without saying goodbye to March with a little ‘Round the Web action! I’ll be sharing some photos from SF next week, but until then…

* This incredible home makeover made me cry

Honest Illustrations About Adulthood

* Have you see James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” sessions? It’s new to me, but the most recent one is with Jennifer Lopez, and it’s highly entertaining. J. Lo seems so fun and cool!

* 10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be

* This penguin and this 71-year-old man know how to do friendship

* Great tips on how to shop for clothes…in a way that’s socially responsible

* Wow, what an inspiring list of 50 + films about women

* If it’s been a while since you had a deep belly laugh, I recommend reading David Sedaris’ latest essay The Perfect Fit. It’s hysterical.

* Lastly, for the ladies…10 Common Bra Problems, Solved

xo ~C.

Image by Paula Borowska

4 responses

  1. I’ll have to bookmark that carpool karaoke for later… maybe for when the rain comes back and I need the pick-me-up!

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