Face the Foliage


Face the Foliage by Justina Blakeney


Recently I discovered a kind of art I had never come across before…


faces made with flowers.

709cdfd8575a62101929e6e434174485Face the Foliage is the brainchild of Justina Blakeney, an L.A.-based artist, interior designer and author of the book The New Bohemians.


As she told The Horticult: “I was raking dead leaves in my yard one morning when all of a sudden, after staring at the leaves for several minutes, one of them smiled at me. It really looked liked lips. So I grabbed a few of them off the floor and arranged them on my patio table until I had created an entire face from leaves  . . .  she looked a bit melancholy, but if I titled her eyebrows one way, or switched the leaf I was using for lips, the expression completely changed.”

Justina started posting her foliage art to instagram with the hashtag #facethefoliage, and it took off, with people all over the world creating their own blooming portraits.




Aren’t they cool? I would love a big print of one of these hanging in my home. This would also be an awesome craft to do with kids…you could take them for a nature walk to collect the foliage and talk about different kinds of plants, then spend an afternoon making flower faces together. Could even be a fun thing to do with each new season.


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What do you think? Any of you inspired to try it out?

You can follow #facethefoliage here and Justina Blakeney here. She also has an awesome blog and instagram interiors account called The Jungalow, but warning, it will make you want to go shopping for more throw pillows, patterned rugs and tropical plants…I can already feel parts of it influencing my style.

Happy Wednesday, friends. :)

xo ~C.


  1. OOO! I love these!!!! We made faces out of seeds we found washed up on the beach at the confluence of the Atlantic with the Rio Amazona!! No big deal hehe hhehe! Let’s make more!!

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