On Two Years of Marriage

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Today Joe and I are celebrating our two year anniversary! We went camping on Saturday to Silver Falls State Park and enjoyed just hanging out and relaxing with some red wine, dinner and a campfire. It was our last camping trip for the year, and we learned an important lesson: when camping in fall temperatures,ย bring an extra blanket. The weather was beautifully clear and sunny in daytime, but got pretty crisp overnight. While warming up with coffee Sunday morning I said to Joe that on one hand I like to think we are seasoned travellers prepared for anything, and on the other hand we still do things like forget to bring enough warm layers on a trip. Life, the continual learning curve. :)

Two years into marriage, I am feeling more grateful than ever to have Joe as my partner. Last week I was sick and really not at my best. He cooked dinner every night, made me tea, picked up all the groceries for our trip, and when I was worried Friday night that we might have to cancel camping completely, he said, don’t think about that right now, just rest. (In the morning I felt better, and we were able to go.) Joe helps me slow down when I’m getting ahead of myself and keeps me in the moment when I’m wandering into the future…while still indulging in my daydreams.


On our anniversary, I wanted to share with you the poem we chose to have our friends Melissa and Steve read during our ceremony. It is such a sweet memory for me standing on the deck of the cottage where we said our vows, looking into Joe’s eyes and listening to these words.


River, be their teacher,
that together they may turn
their future highs and lows
into one hopeful flow
Two opposite shores
feeding from a single source.

Mountain, be their milestone,
that hand in hand they rise above
familiarity’s worn tracks
into horizons of their own
Two separate footpaths
dreaming of a common peak.

Birdsong, be their mantra,
that down the frail aisles of their days,
their twilight hearts twitter morning
and their dreams prove branch enough.

~John Agard

Happy anniversary, Joe. And thanks for reading, everyone. Wishing you all a lovely week!

xo ~C

p.s. On marriage, year one


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