Goin’ Camping…


Tomorrow morning Joe and I leave on a week-long mission to camp with friends in B.C., next to Lake Mahood at Well’s Gray Provincial Park.

I’ve never been there, but the park’s site describes it as “a spectacular, pure wilderness area.” We’ll be camping four nights total, with two nights at my brother and his fiance’s home in Vancouver en route and back.

This trip has been in the works for months. Everyone’s coordinated through a group facebook thread that has gotten increasingly more active in the last couple weeks as we all prepare. Our crew includes 10 families, approximately 21 children, and a whole lot of gear…more so now that the forecast is calling for rain! (Huh? What? Did the rain Gods not get my memo about floating on the lake in an inflatable raft in the sun, cold beer in hand?)

Other unexpected factors that have been discussed:

* A “very high chance of battling a lot of mosquitoes” in the area. (My friend Mike says, “Scotch has been proven to keep mosquitos away.”)

* A campfire ban due to B.C.’s forest fires. (A couple friends are bringing propane fire pits. I have officially let go of my campfire baked potato dreams…and replaced them with ramen.

* No shower facilities at the park. (Joe tested out our newly acquired ‘solar shower’ in the bath tub last night.)

* The sites have very little shade. (But they’re ‘essentially beachfront’.)

* Pit toilets only.

Joe and I had some camping gear before (tent, chairs, sleeping bag, etc.) but we now have A LOT of gear. I’m pretty sure we’re at the top of Amazon’s best customer list after the haul we ordered last week, including cooler, air mattress, air pump, lantern, tarp shelter, above-mentioned solar shower and inflatables, Coleman water container, Campsuds and cookware. We figure it’s all an investment to a lifetime of camping trips, right?

A lot of this crew have been gathering every summer for the last few years, so we are VERY excited to be joining in. They are old friends who I am so excited to see, rain or shine, that my heart swells up thinking about it. Last week my friend Sarah proposed an idea to the group (apparently it’s ‘tradition’) to bring your favourite cocktail and take turns sharing with the adults for an evening cheers before the “magical hour happens with the kidlets”. (I think this is parent-speak for getting rugrats to bed.)

In lieu of cocktail ingredients, Joe and I are bringing bubbly. What could be more fun than popping corks and clinking (plastic) glasses lakeside with friends?

This is the lake we’ll be camped next to:


I plan on gazing out at this view each day, far, far away from my laptop and any form of deadline. I’ve got my bathing suit packed…and my rain boots.

See you in a week, everyone!

xo ~C

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