New Documentary: The Wolfpack


Joe sent me a link yesterday to the trailer for The Wolfpack, which won The Sundance grand jury prize this year, and it has me completely intrigued. Have you guys heard of this doc? It tells the story of six movie-fanatic brothers (ages 16-24 in the film) who grew up in a four-bedroom apartment in New York’s Lower East Side…and rarely went outside.

From The New York Times:

“They had spent most of their lives indoors, cloistered in a four-bedroom, 16th-floor apartment in a public housing complex on the Lower East Side. Since moving into the apartment with his wife, Susanne, and their growing brood in the mid-90s, their father, Oscar, fearful of drugs and crime in the city, had forbidden his family from freely venturing out. People were ill-intentioned and dangerous, Oscar told them, and not to be trusted. “I don’t want them to have the pressure, the social pressure,” he says in the film, adding that he wanted his children to not be “contaminated by drugs or religion or philosophy, but to learn who they are.” So he kept the door locked, a ladder shoved tightly against it. They lived on welfare, with only Oscar going out, often just for food.”

The filmmaker, Crystal Moselle, formed a friendship with the brothers five years ago after spotting them walking around in her neighbourhood on a rare outing. She discovered they shared a mutual love of movies, and that the boys’ isolated upbringing was made less so through their fascination (and reenactments) of Hollywood films.

Vulture describes the documentary as “a rare, transcendent work of art.”

The Wolfpack opens in Portland next Friday at Living Room Theaters…you know where I’ll be.

p.s. Shad, the host of CBC’s q is interviewing Crystal Moselle on the show tomorrow (Friday, June 12).

Photo via The New York Times

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