‘Round the Web: May 2015


Mick, Keith, and B.B. King

I just realized it’s the last day of May. Which means time for a trip around the web…

*A Day in the Life of Pinterest. (I found this very funny.)

*How young women feel about Hillary.

*9 Hikes Around Mt. Hood that sound amazing. (Some are just 45 minutes from Portland.)

*6 comedy actresses let loose in this revealing roundtable from The Hollywood Reporter. (Including Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, and Kate McKinnon.)

*Transgender veterans in New Orleans.

*For anyone who has ever been ‘Done’ with someone. (Frazey Ford’s voice is gorgeous.)

*While the term ‘Slow Parenting’ annoys me (does everything need to be categorized?), the sentiment behind it just makes sense. Inspiration for trying it out.

*Own a retail business? (Or want to?) Excellent tips from Emily Henderson on how to keep people coming back.

*Lastly, apparently B.B. King called this one of his greatest performances.

Back soon, friends! ~C.

photo via worldofwilbekin.tumblr.com

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