‘Round the Web: April 2015


Amidst the devastating earthquake in Nepal, more U.S. police killings of unarmed black men, and Native actors walking off the set of Adam Sandler’s awful racist movie, April held a shining ray of hope: news of Kermit’s glass frog doppelganger, discovered in Costa Rica.

From National Geographic:

“The lime-green amphibian . . . has bulging white eyes with perfect black pupils, much like Jim Henson’s musical puppet. But this frog can’t carry a tune. In fact, it has a long whistle like that of an insect, which, according to a new study, may be why scientists didn’t notice it for so long—Costa Rica’s last glass frog discovery occurred in 1973.”


A mascot for the age of transparency? I don’t know, but something about this creature’s little green see-through body (it’s just 1 inch long!) makes me feel better about the world.

Of course, it’s not the only cool thing I came across this month. ‘Round the Web we go…

My sister Abby’s road trip through Ireland.

How to build a better sandwich.

Great news for the wistful: Nostalgia is good for you.

Every woman has a real body. (My thoughts exactly.)

“We’re a lot like you. We just happen to have a transgender child.”

Shoes that grow.

Hilarious “Yelp Reviews” of newborns.

Are you listening to CBC’s new ‘q’? A good assessment of the host, in my view. “If Shad is going to save Q, he’ll need to be more Shad.”

Kids and their bedrooms, around the world.

Definitely going to visit this new Portland food cart.

Worth the watch: Last F**kable Day. (Kudos to Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.)

Lastly, in case you missed this post, get $25 in credit to Airbnb here.  (If you already have an account, simply create a new one with a different email.) Use it and enjoy! For inspiration, this is what my sister booked for Italy’s Amalfi Coast…

See you all in May. :)

x0 ~C.


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