Joe’s (Amazing) Popcorn Recipe


A movie and popcorn night with Joe never gets old for me. That’s partly because I love movies, partly because I love Joe, and mostly because I love his popcorn.

(Okay, it’s all about the company.) But you guys, Joe’s popcorn is really good.

Which is why I need to share the recipe with you. We’ve tried a few different toppings on popcorn, but this is by far our favourite. I don’t write about food a whole lot, but we eat this at least once a week, and get excited for it every single time. I asked Joe to share the recipe, and he said, “in detail?”

So here it is, the step-by-step guide to possibly the best popcorn you’ll ever taste. Bonus: this recipe includes the secret to perfect stovetop popping (so you don’t end up with any burnt or un-popped kernels).

Joe’s Popcorn

*First, gather the ingredients: popcorn kernels, canola or other high smoke point oil, nutritional yeast**, apple cider vinegar, salt (optional), big ol’ pot, big ol’ bowl.

**Canadians may know this as Engevita® yeast (shout out to Adam, who we made this popcorn for in Victoria last year, and who kept calling the yeast “Engevita”.)

*Put a couple glugs of oil in the pot – enough to coat all the kernels (maybe half an inch).

*Put a few kernels in the pot (just 5 or so), cover, and turn on high heat.

*When you hear the kernels pop – turn OFF the heat and add the rest of the popcorn (I usually do 3 handfuls.)

*Swirl to coat all the kernels, cover, and WAIT 30 seconds (counting out load is optional). This allows all of the kernels to heat up evenly before the popping stage.

*After 30 seconds, turn the heat back on high. Once it starts popping, reduce to medium heat.

*While popping, shake the pot occasionally to get all the kernels to the bottom. Once the popping is just about done, pour the popcorn into your bowl.

*Drizzle apple cider vinegar over popcorn while tossing the popcorn to coat evenly (takes practice! You might need to start by drizzling, then tossing with 2 hands, and repeat).

*Once you have sufficiently coated with vinegar (tasting encouraged), sprinkle with a few handfuls of nutritional yeast and salt, if desired, again tossing to coat evenly.

*Eating recommendations – friend, significant other, child, or pet to share it with – positioned equal distance between mouths. Comfy couch, movie.

Thank you, Joe!

Side note, I came across this great article yesterday, “12 Relationship Tips From a Wedding Reporter.” One tip that stood out was this:

The question to ask before getting married.

 At the end of the day, marriage is about asking, “Who do you want to sit next to on the couch?” There is so much time on the couch. Who do you want to be next to when you’re sick or feeling down or just want to watch bad reality TV? If you can find that person, then you’ve found something worth hanging on to.

To that I would add, who do you want to share the last handful of popcorn with, forever?

This is where our popcorn snacking goes down these days…

IMG_0031Let me know if you try the recipe, or have another favourite topping to share. Hope you enjoy. :)

xo ~C.


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