‘Round the Web: March 2015

pigeon ct

How are you guys doing?

March was a bit of a ‘life anniversary’ month for me, as three years ago, on March 1st, Joe and I flew to Delhi from Korea to start our three month trip to India, Indonesia, and Cambodia. I still get so much joy from those memories. (This is the video we made, while on the road, of our time in Rajasthan.)

Life these days still feels adventurous, albeit in a different way than sleeping overnight in the desert or riding motorbikes to fishing villages with names like Banko Banko. This weekend we went to a Swedish film at the NW Film Center, played Settlers of Catan with friends, and drank cold brew coffee in the Pearl District. The sun was shining and the evenings were mild enough to sit out on our balcony. Half the plants survived the winter, the others have yet to reappear. In April, I’ll get the fertilizer out, add some fresh soil, and see what I can revive. :)

Onto the links…

* Who says we can’t peak past middle age? “Finding Success, Well Past the Age of Wunderkind”.

* Wow, what a wonderful photo series on dads (and their kids) who take parental leave in Sweden. I would LOVE to see more images like these in mainstream media.

* A guide for first-time visitors to New Orleans. (“Yes, you need to go have beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and yes, they are just square donuts.”)

* “The best thing you can do for yourself — and all the women around you”. Wise words from Elizabeth Gilbert.

* Have you taken the Love Language Test? (My #1: quality time.)

* The ghost children of China’s one-child policy. “Ms. Lu, who is 42, has grown consumed by a desperation that she has cursed her child merely by giving birth to him.”

* I watched this movie while having a sleepover with girlfriends on Friday night. Hint: Rob Lowe, saxophone, 1985.

* This female former manager at The Huffington Post and The Washington Post wrote a public apology to the mothers she used to work with. Worth the read.

* humanae is a project cataloging “all possible human skin tones”…with pantone codes. See the work-in-progress.

* My 21 year-old sister Abby is living in Austria for four months, doing a study-abroad semester of university. Which means she spends her weekends galavanting around Europe. Here is Amsterdam, through her eyes.

Happy reading, everyone.

xx ~C.

p.s. Photo of birds in flight is by Melissa McFadden. Find her on instagram at florenceeva.


  1. Thanks so much for this Tait! Just forwarded the ‘Finding Success” article to my folks. Its inspiring! Appreciate the Elizabeth Gilbert piece too….interesting point she makes that women in 2015 don’t really have many roadmaps to follow or mentors who have had all that we have at our fingertips. My love language is ‘quality time’ too! And i seriously love the humanae project…..love all the faces, eyes and skin tones.
    Thanks for posting!! Sweet read with my morning coffee + granola!

    • Awesome, Paula! Yes, I thought that point by Elizabeth Gilbert was so interesting too…I guess our generation of women (or the generation slightly ahead of us) are pioneers in a sense. I hope your parents enjoy the ‘Finding Success’ article, I found it so refreshing. Thanks for reading, and sharing your thoughts. :) xox

  2. I LOVE Abbey’s photos! So great to see her following in her big sis’s formidable footsteps!~
    Also— Human faces are trippy… I couldn’t quite find mine though. Very cool.

    • Hi Stu, yes, Abby’s photos are great, aren’t they. I am always encouraging her to keep taking and sharing them :) I wish I could beam myself to Europe to tag along on some of her ventures. xo

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