Postcard: U Bein Bridge, Myanmar

DSC09926 - Edited

I’ve always loved this photo Joe took when he was travelling solo through Myanmar in the summer of 2012. Built in the late 1800’s (with reclaimed wood from a royal palace), U Bein Bridge spans a lake called Taungthaman, and is thought to be the longest and oldest teakwood bridge in the world.

In Joe’s words: I took this picture from a rowboat. On one side was a small town and on the other side was a really elaborate temple with mirrored mosaics. The rower stood on one end with double oars. We went around the lake and there was a little island with a chicken farmer. We went under the bridge a few times to get different views of it. The posts that held the bridge up were so rotting it looked like it was going to fall over. Locals still use that bridge every day. There was a constant stream of people —carrying food from the farms, riding bikes, Burmese tourists, and monks.


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