Flash of Life: Half Past February


How are you guys doing? The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Portland, and I have to say I feel extra lucky to live in this part of the world right now, with spring already showing up. Joe and I took a day trip to the coast on Sunday, and it was so mild kids were playing in the sand in shorts!

I enjoyed doing this “Flash of Life” writing exercise last month — did any of you try it? After I posted it, a friend wrote to say she had been feeling really blocked with journaling/writing, and doing this helped a lot, which I was happy to hear. She also had the idea that this could be a great conversation tool with your partner. What do you think?

You can find a blank list at Pip’s blog here for any of you who want to copy it and give it a go. The fun part is you can modify the list however you like, just choosing the word prompts you feel inspired by.

Making: Final touches to my new portfolio (will be publishing it on the site soon!)

Feeling: Grateful for sunshine

Sipping: Chai lattes

Thinking: It’s time to tune up (and dust off) my guitar and learn this song

Wondering: What our next home will look like (no rush, just daydreaming)

Hoping: For a two-bedroom bungalow

Reading: Tiny Beautiful Things (almost finished), the awesome news source The Skimm

Deciding: On an epic camping trip we might take this summer

Cooking: Honestly, we’re really into baked potatoes these days (with cheese, beans, plain yogurt, and salad)

Watching: Transparent, the incredible (Golden-Globe winning) show about a transgender woman and her family. (Available in Canada on Shomi.) Also…The Bachelor.

Wanting: New Converse sneakers

Loving: Weekly classes at The Yoga Space

Remembering: Travelling through India, almost three years ago

Hope you’re all having a great week :)


*photo by Rula Sibai via Unsplash

2 responses

  1. Hi Courtney,

    Your flash note almost smells of spring! Here’s my flash of Feb:

    Making: printed pictures with Amelie, and making the most of the days we have in half term before back to school next week. Feeling: content at home, and ambitious at work. Reading: memos and newsletters about autism from the hub, and enjoying understanding how I can connect with others who see the world differently to me. Painting: my bathroom a lovely deep dove grey. Deciding: whether to actually not do lent this year…it happened and I didn’t give anything up. Although I actually feel more in control by taking control and not using it as a diet tool. Cooking: bagels for breakfast (as always!), Scotch broth soup for lunch, and roast dinners with lots of greens. Sipping: English breakfast tea of course (most of the day!). Thinking: about getting my hair cut again… and going for the final big chop! Wondering: what farrow and ball colour to paint my bedroom, trying to visualize between ‘bone’ or a rich deep blue to contrast with white furniture and bright cushions… Hoping: for fine weather next month so we can all get outdoors more…and hoping we get a mini break to Edinburgh at Easter. It would be a lovely treat. Watching: the scary media, and wondering how the IS will fall. Wanting: a new pair of nude pumps for spring. Loving: the 90’s dance revival,the new music on the radio is awesome. Remembering: how quickly time passes, how Amelie was only a little baby three year ago, and knowing I need to sort out her baby album.

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