Seattle: What Should We Do + See?


Despite living just a two-and-a-half hour boat ride from Seattle for the bulk of my formative years, I’ve been to the city just three times: once when I was nine, with my next-door neighbour Audra and her mom, once for a girls’ weekend with Leah eight or so years ago, and once in November of 2013, for a 12-hour rendezvous with Gaeli.

My memories are as follows:

Childhood trip: No idea. We maybe/probably went to the Space Needle?

Girls’ weekend with Leah: Dancing at a bar that our restaurant server recommended, saying it was “just the right amount of dirty”, putting my phone number into the cell phone of a dude we met at said bar, hotel robes, wandering around Pike Place Market the next day in a daze while trying to take artistic photos of chilli peppers. The guy never called.

Rendezvous with Gaeli: Trying to surprise her at the hotel entrance but totally missing the moment because she came in the back door, pasta and wine at Tavolata until we were the last customers in the room, stiff mixologist-type beverages with ingredients we’d never heard of until 2 a.m., hotel robes and YouTube clips of SNL, three hours of sleep followed by room-service mimosas.

Point is, while I clearly love hotel robes, I really haven’t seen Seattle. But with your help, that’s about to change.

My friends Josh and Melinda, who live there, have generously offered us the use of their home while they are in New Zealand, so Joe and I are driving up Friday and staying until Monday. Other than dinner at The Pink Door Saturday night, we have nothing planned.

Have you been? What do you recommend? Is there a neighbourhood you especially love to wander around? A cafe/restaurant/bar or park we should check out? Best places for music? Any out-of-the-way spots we wouldn’t find on a “Top Attractions” google search?

We are up for heading out of the city for a hike or beach walk as well if the weather’s not too soggy…any favourite excursions close by?

I would so appreciate any suggestions you guys have! Sometimes I get a touch burnt out sifting through various websites for info on…everything. Planning a trip is so much more fun with personal recommendations. (I promise to post about the trip after and let you know what we end up doing, if you’re interested.)

Josh and Melinda have a fireplace, so no matter what happens, I know I’m going to love curling up with a glass of wine and slippers :)

Really looking forward to any Seattle tips!


Photo of Seattle waterfront art installation via public domain pictures



  1. I haven’t any suggestions because I have never been, but I hear it is lovely. Enjoy your trip! I do always find that at least one day of not planning anything, but just walking the streets and going to the places that call to you or you are told of that day is so rewarding!

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