Flash of Life: First Week of January


How are you guys doing? After a busy fall and holiday season that was filled with travel (Vancouver, Chicago, and Victoria), work, socializing, and a couple tough setbacks, I’ve taken the first week of the new year to take stock and refocus.

It’s felt good.

I prioritize making sure I stay connected with the people in my life (it’s a big part of what makes me me) but since we got back to Portland I’ve pressed pause, and gone inward. (Literally. Joe and I cancelled going out for New Years Eve, and stayed in with nachos and movies instead.) I’ve had some time off from my magazine job, and have loved having the mental space to develop new plans and series for the blog, clarify direction for my freelance business, and decide what my next steps are. (And aren’t.)

The theme for 2015: Focus.

In light of this, I decided to try playing around with the list below, inspired by Pip Lincolne’s Taking Stock posts. It’s actually such a cool (and easy) way to hone in on where you’re at currently, emotionally/creatively or otherwise, respecting that life has cycles, is constantly changing, and that each phase is a part of the bigger picture. I also found it clears the mind—always a good thing, right?

Lots to come, friends. xx

Making: Career decisions

Sipping: 2 cups of Trader Joe’s ultra dark roast, every morning

Feeling: Determined

Thinking: About the future

Watching: The Theory of Everything, Get On Up

Sorting: Through drawers

Noticing: How quick the days go

Loving: My cozy living room

Reading: Old issues of Vogue, Elise Blaha Cripe’s’s excellent blog

Wanting: The perfect pair of grey jeans

Remembering: What drives me

Want to try making your own ‘Life Flash/Taking Stock’ list? Find a blank one here. If you have a blog you post it to, be sure to link back to me so I can check it out!

*photo by Liane Metzler via Unsplash

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