Song to Stop For: Thieves “Never Meant to Know”


Remember the interview I did with Adam Kittredge, frontman of the Canadian band Thieves?

Well, CBC Music’s Sonica released their top 50 songs of 2014 earlier this week, and “Never Meant to Know” from Thieves’ forthcoming album is #5!

Adam and I spoke about the song during our interview, but not all of the conversation was published. This is what he said:

“The lyrics are more to do with thinking about being a parent, how fragile a child’s innocence is, and the fear of contributing to their loss of innocence. What I like about the video is it’s also saying let children be free, let them experience the world and enjoy the outdoors, don’t worry about them scraping their knee, let them learn for themselves.”

Check out the video below—it was filmed last winter in Atlin, B.C., a stunning community in the northwest corner of the province. Congratulations to Adam and all the members of Thieves, I can’t wait to hear the entire album. (Releasing soon!)

ps. You can read my full interview with Adam here.


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