My New Series: ‘Round the Web (December 2014 edition)


How have the holidays been for you? We arrived back in Portland yesterday, and I’m a combination of filled up with love from our visits and completely exhausted.

Going home always brings up a mixture of emotions for me: I get excited for the trip, and while visiting start feeling a little nostalgic, wishing I could somehow transport the connections I have there to my everyday life. Seeing my mom always leaves me feeling raw, as her health issues are an ongoing challenge and I’m caught between trying to make sense of/find solutions for them and just enjoying our time together. One thing about getting older is recognizing your emotional patterns…and preparing for them. I need a couple of days to just be quiet and regroup after a trip home, which I’m lucky to be able take right now.

Anyway, I’m excited to introduce a new monthly series I’ll be featuring here on the blog called ‘Round the Web.

I’m always coming across interesting/surprising articles, stories, interviews, destinations, recipes, books, causes, design/DIY ideas, etc. that I want to share, but don’t have time to write a whole post about. So I’m going to start gathering what I find and at the end of each month, link to some of my top picks here.

I know we’re all inundated with information these days, so I hope to make this monthly round-up a really nicely curated list, the kind of thing you could check out over a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) if you want a little window into what’s grabbed my attention lately.

I hope you enjoy! As always, thanks for reading.


‘Round the Web…

*Would you travel the world with a stranger? In a pretty cool/kind of crazy story, this man and woman took off together earlier this month, and had never met before. (Read their updates here.)

*An amazing invention that’s helping Detroit’s homeless population.

*Meet “Sweetie Sweetie”, a little girl in Sierra Leone who has lost her parents to Ebola.

The book I gave Caroline (my sister-in-law) for Christmas.

*The Hollywood Reporter’s Actress Roundtable 2014: Interview with Patricia Arquette, Laura Dern, Julianne Moore, Reese Witherspoon, Amy AdamsHilary Swank and Felicity Jones

*A beautiful (and outrageously glamorous) nursery makeover.

*We listened to WTF with Marc Maron on our drive home yesterday. It’s a great, funny podcast (Maron is a comedian) with long-form interviews.

*Instead of material gifts, Joe and I each planned a fun activity to do together in the new year. He’s taking me to Bagby Hot Springs, where you soak in cedar tubs in the middle of the forest.

*Lastly, John Oliver’s hilarious take on New Year’s Eve.


See you all in 2015!

photos via death to the stock photo//cc and Artur Pokusin at Unsplash


  1. The holiday was a bit slow for me this year – came down with the flu a week before Christmas. Lots of rest and quiet family time. Turned out quite nice. Hope you are well rested and feeling ready for 2015! Thanks for sharing your finds – Love the John Oliver bit! Happy New Year!

    • Alaina, so many people seemed to get sick this month, I came down with a cold myself a few days ago. A good excuse to get quiet and go within. Not that we need an excuse :) You are very welcome for sharing, thanks for reading and happy 2015 to you! xo

  2. Great idea Taitly – I do look forward to enjoying this with coffee or wine. Perfect.
    Also Bagby looks outrageously FABULOUS!!! I’m thinking i need to put ‘Go to hotsprings!! Any hotsprings!’ on my 2015 hit list.

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