In Bloom (Or, hello everyone…)

I feel like since my last post a month ago I disappeared into some sort of blogging rabbit-hole vortex where all the posts I was writing never actually made it out of my brain and onto the blog.

It happens every once in a while.

Well, not the rabbit hole, but the sudden and slightly prolonged silence on my site. Life! I want to write so much about you, but sometimes I can’t keep up in real time.

No matter. I’m back. With flowers…




…from our patio. These purple guys bloomed while Joe and I were in Victoria for 10 days, visiting family and a bunch of friends. I was so pleased because we chose the succulents for this planter at a big plant event here called Hortlandia, and were told by the woman who sold them to us that some of them would flower, but we had no idea what the flowers would actually look like.


There are actually twice as many blooms now as these photos are showing (they were taken last week.) Every evening they close up into little buds, and every morning they open. It’s a daily explosion of purple here on the Flanders St. patio, and it makes me really happy.

Flowers 10


Mostly, I just wanted to say hello! I’ll post about our Victoria trip soon, along with a few notes on the weekend I spent in Arizona at the end of April, and a new Portland Minute, and some of the other thoughts and images I’ve been arranging in my mind over the last few weeks…

Happy May/almost June, friends!



  1. Awww, beautiful!

    I’ve taken so much pride in my flowers this spring too!! Hope your Vic trip was lovely, and you both feel settled into your new home. I must get your address.

    We should try to catch up soon!!

    Lots of love to you as always Xxxx Charlotte xxxX

  2. Nice photos, nice flowers – nothing like a succulent letting go of a flower -and nice words. Glad they were able to escape your mind onto the page. My first time here, I’ll be back. Thanks

  3. So happy you had a wonderful purple surprise when you got back to Portland after our Victoria, Salt Spring holiday, I knew you would get much joy from gardening! My succulents are now in bloom, as well as one cacti. Also, the large green one in the stand between the two pink floor plants in the lvg. room. It is the first time in 8 yrs. here that she has bloomed, but well worth it, as they are like individual flowers in a circular ball, with the most heavenly fragrance. Enjoy your garden they are a gift from the heavens. Love Mom, XOXO

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