Love Note to 2013

It was a big year.


And I’m thankful for a hell of a lot.

In 2013 I moved (officially, after a 4-month stint in Canada and a long visa process) to a very cool city…



Became a staff writer for Fine Lifestyles magazine, and wrote a couple articles for publication in the soon-to-launch Danielle Magazine

Gathered with a group of amazing women (and one awesome dude) for a weekend at a lake on Vancouver Island, celebrating love and friendship…


and married a guy who makes me feel like anything is possible. (He also whips up delicious spicy popcorn, loves road trips as much as I do, and gives the best cuddles ever.)

Bridge kiss

On the blog, some really inspiring people shared their creative work and insights, such as wedding photographer Michel Feist, Stars’ keyboardist Chris Seligman, writer Eve Joseph, furniture designer Meredith Nicole, and travel photographer Peter DeMarco. I also featured some wildlife photography by Josh Newman.

Some of my more personal posts included transitions and the west coastmeeting my future husband, a story of cousinsstargazers, love notes to the monthrelationship wisdom from my ladies, our wedding in the storm and Oregon honeymoon, and Mom turns 60: A thank you.

I also recommended this book, these cottages, this recipe, and this show

In 2014, I intend to focus on designing my days in a way that gives me the most fulfillment I can possibly feel. (This definitely means more time with my blog!) I’m excited to share the cool things I discover, the people I connect with, and the stuff I figure out—and that challenges me—along the way.

My little online world here is an ongoing evolution. Thanks so much for being a part of it, everyone.

Happy New Year!


ps. Other Love Notes. To August, June, and May


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