A Holiday Hello (Starring Cleo)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

IMG_0219While Cleo gazes at the tree and tries to figure out what it all means (or plots attacking it), Joe and I will be having a cozy couple days at home celebrating the season with good food, fresh west coast air, classic movies, and a few glasses of red.

Christmas Eve plan:

Eat:  Caesar salad with roasted garlic dressing (from the Rebar cookbook), potato + apple bake with cheddar cheese, + these peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies

Drink: Hot apple cider, red wine



(I haven’t seen this before, but Joe says it’s amazing.)

Christmas Day plan:

Eat: Caper + tomato omelettes, bruschetta with red onion marmalade and goat cheese, mushroom risotto, + Joe’s self-titled ‘banana oat peanut butter coconut carob chip healthy cookies’

Drink: Hot apple cider, red wine

Hike: Through Forest Park




National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (This might be the part I’m most excited for. Clark and the crazy house lights! Cousin Eddie! The squirrel on the loose! Love this movie.)

We’re stoked  to get to spend our first Portland Christmas just relaxing and enjoying our time together. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s filled with a lot of love.

Everyone, thank you for visiting my home here on the internet over the last year. Knowing you read and enjoy the posts means so much to me, and keeps me inspired to write more. I’ve got lots of ideas for 2014 content, and hope you’ll continue to stop by, say hello, and just be the generally awesome readers you are.

With love,


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