Champagne in the Storm (A Wedding Day Glimpse)

bridge and trees


One evening soon I will tell you the story of our wedding day. It won’t include views from the top of Cape Perpetua or a look at the little stone shelter where we had planned to exchange our vows. There will be no golden-hour images of us in a forest filled with Sitka Spruce or walking on sand, tide turning in. What you will find is a bouquet made of roses and dahlias, chosen by flashlight at dusk. A covered bridge on a country road. Rain-soaked leaves. Two beautiful friends. And us, in love, in the storm.


(Photos by Melissa McFadden Images)


8 responses

  1. Dearest Courtney & Joe have a wonderful marriage, and most especially the first year as it sets the tone for the years to follow! So sorry about the typhoon, but it came unexpectedly like the things that pop up in a marriage, and so not to worry, in years to come, it will make a funny story for your children! I think the red covered bridge made a wonderful alternative, it reminds me of the movie “Bridges of Madison County.” Bless you both in your new union! Lots of Love from Mom Tait. xo

  2. This little teaser write up gave me chills. I can’t wait to hear more. The two of you bring definition to the word “romantic.” We are so joy-filled about y’all’s love union.

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