Love Note to August ( and July…)

It’s after midnight on a Sunday in Portland. The windows are open, lamplight shining, laundry drying on the rack. I’m home and September is here. Time for a love note to the last couple months!

I’m so thankful for…

 Hiking through the Colorado mountains the day before my friend Josh‘s wedding on a Friday afternoon in July.

Colorado mountains

 Sipping bubbles in a downtown lounge with Leah, who woke up at 4 a.m. last weekend to catch the 6 ferry and then drive four hours to visit Joe and I in Portland. Pretty much the first thing we did is make a list of all the topics we wanted to discuss over her three-day trip. We then proceeded to dive in to one juicy conversation after another, until suddenly it was Monday and she had to go. Love this girl.

Leah + Me

♥ Discovering The Yoga Space Northwest, 13 blocks from my apartment. It’s in a historic building next to a chapel, with stained glass windows and big wooden beams. The teachers are awesome.

The Yoga Space

 Skyping with Abbas, who’s living in an ocean-front cottage on Fogo Island in Newfoundland right now. We talked about the early days of our friendship, which goes back almost 13 years, and the first time I asked him about his childhood, and meditation, and our moms, and the native plants of Iraq, and how to be an active listener, and the Fogo Island ghost rumoured to walk the shoreline at night. Then the sun and the clouds got crazy with light over the Atlantic and I told Abbas he should get outside to watch it and we said goodbye, and I stood out on my balcony in Portland and missed him in that happy way you miss a friend you love that much.

♥ Dried poppy buds in a blue vase on my desk.

 Booking the Japanese Forest House with Joe for the last night of our upcoming Oregon-coast honeymoon. Almost every piece of this house was salvaged from within ten miles of where it sits. We’re pretty stoked for the wood stove and bathhouse with outdoor soaking tub!

Japanese Forest House

 My new friend Lesia, who lives in Portland, takes wonderful photos, and as far as I can tell, lives life in a major way. So far she’s invited us to an art show, a night out dancing to soul music, to see a band called Geographer, and on a camping trip to Mt. Hood. She also plays kickball. Some chicks are just cool.

 Eating spicy popcorn that Joe cooks up in our tiny kitchen and watching Breaking Bad. (No spoilers please, we’re only on season 2!) Actually Joe’s seen up to Season 5, but he’s watching it over again with me. Holy sh-t, it’s addictive.

♥ Watching Joe’s grandparents dance together at his brother’s wedding in July. Nonna and Grandpa Adducci both grew up in an Italian neighbourhood on the south side of Chicago, and have been married for 62 years. They used to dance all the time, but now in their late eighties, the dancing has diminished. At the wedding, Joe’s cousin Scott dedicated a song to them, and a few of their grandchildren helped them up, and they swayed beside their table for a couple minutes, clutching each other, Nonna wiping tears from her face. It was one of the most touching moments I’ve ever seen.

Here they are on the bus leaving the wedding later on. How cute are these two?


What are you thankful for? Big, small? I would love to hear about it in the comments :)

Also, I wanted to share with you a gratitude practice my friend Lori shared with me. In her words:

I do the alphabet of gratitude in my head when I’m struggling to fall asleep at night. Start with something that starts with A and work my way to Z. Usually I’m asleep by P, but on other nights I do 2 rounds before slumber finds me. Often it is easy to slip into thoughts of worry and fear. When I feel that happening in my mind, I know it’s time to revisit the alphabet! It never fails to put me back into an optimistic, happier, more positive and of course thankful frame of mind. 

The Alphabet of Gratitude–what a cool way to tap into feeling thankful, instantly. Thank you, Lori!

Happy September, everyone…



  1. I am thankful for having so many young people in my life that I have had the honour and privilege in watching grow up into such wonderful, loving, and caring human beings. Nonna and Grandpa Adducci look like a very sweet couple and I wish I could sit down and have coffee with them and hear all of their stories of their life together.

  2. Brought tears to my eyes in parts. What amazing things are filling your life right now, and you are as inspiring as ever. I need to start doing this; in fact will start now. My first thought is how grateful I am to have spent 6 full wonderful weeks with my children, and how I will make the most of every minute with them. But Lori’s alphabet is just fabulous, and I am sure I can find some of the simplest things for each letter… A – Apples fallen from Jason’s sister Zoë’s tree… So we baked apple crumble. X

    • Apple crumble–love the sounds of that! You know what is cool, is whenever you group together even just the little things that feel special, suddenly life seems so much more amazing. I think we all have those things to draw from all the time, it’s just a matter of being aware and taking notice in a deliberate way more often. It’s a fun thing to do and I love hearing about what is making other people happy in their lives. xx

  3. What a beautiful post! It’s so refreshing to read something uplifting. Yesterday I said goodbye to summer with a dip in one of Pender Island’s finest lakes. The layer of warm water on top was divine while the bursts of cold spring water below made me breathless. With the entire lake to myself, I swam out into the middle and gazed at the back drop. A rocky hill towered above with arbutus trees twisting out of the crag, reaching for the sun. When I spotted an eagle perched on top of a fir tree I realized how freaking lucky I am. The life I’ve chosen is the life I love.
    I also love Lori’s alphabet of gratitude…C- Connection with like minded beings!

  4. My brother sent this to me this afternoon, and I just want to thank you for your beautiful words. Reading your post was like unwrapping a gift. I’m so grateful that you are part of our family. Sending
    love to you and Joe.

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