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“Courtney’s been my go-to editor throughout my academic career, and I continue to be impressed by her skills, professionalism and critical insight. She has edited several lengthy graduate papers, my Master of Arts thesis which exceeded 200 pages, and my Doctorate proposal. She’s incredibly thorough, offering suggestions on word choice, how best to articulate my points, and key tips on how to write concisely. Courtney’s genuine passion for words, precision, and thoughtful, specific feedback will be invaluable to anyone looking for an editor determined to help make your work the best it can be.”

“If you’re thinking of hiring Courtney, do it, do it, do it. Her writing made my ideas sound concise and professional with the fun, conversational tone I wanted. Courtney communicated how each project’s process would work, stuck with deadlines, and delivered exactly what we discussed, on time. It was a pleasure working with her.”