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“Courtney is seriously gifted with words. We have worked together developing the website, newsletters, advertisements, event strategies, and direction for a real estate development, and she constantly brings her creativity and fresh ideas to the table. Courtney is self-directed, extremely accountable, and massively talented. She is the full marketing/copy writing/editing package. As I’ve said many times before, Courtney, you rock. I love working with you.”

“When I received my edited manuscript from Courtney, I devoured her notes. Everything she said resonated deeply. Her suggestions were clear and thorough, and gave me the proper tools to navigate the revision process. My manuscript (a book-length memoir) now has better rhythm, pacing dialogue, and more depth of story and characters. I would recommend to anyone to reach out to Courtney for her editing skills. She is totally devoted, offering critiques and guidance while at the same time giving compliments. Courtney has the ability to make you strive for your best until you’re left with this wonderful belief in yourself. My writing has improved immeasurably since our work together.”

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