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I operate with the philosophy that words hold the power to radically transform businesses, relationships, and the choices we make.

With this perspective, I devote my skills and passion to crafting smart, compelling copy for print magazines, online worlds, and small businesses.

I also edit and invigorate the manuscripts of emerging authors.

I love engaging with ideas, shaping them into text, and refining that text into striking content  that impacts its audience in a positive way.  I thrive on collaborating with people who share the desire to create their best work.  And I’m a natural communicator, so my clients are heard and understood, and feel clear (and excited!) about their project’s outcome. (Check out what they say.)

Storytelling evokes the senses in a way that makes us feel more fully alive.  Immersing myself into this process gives me deep, soul-stirring joy.

I Write:


Evocative stories on people, culture, travel, home design, fashion, and lifestyle.


Punchy, insightful snapshots that capture who you are and what makes you extraordinary.


Your unique message, shaped with clever, original word play.

Website Content 

High-impact copy that tells the dynamic story of your service, product, and mission—igniting viewers, readers, and new clients into action.

Digital Newsletters

Lively, content-rich letters that deliver the ongoing goods of your business while building powerful connections with your community of subscribers.

Social Media

Useful links, inspiring visuals and energetic text that keep your networks informed and excited about what you offer.

Blog Posts

Intelligent, influential articles that draw new people—and profit—your way.

I Edit:

Short stories, full-length manuscripts, and small-business blogs.

I dive into your words, uncover their essence, and help you reshape until they shine.

Interested in Working With Me?

Let’s connect.

What People Say

Courtney is self directed, extremely accountable and massively talented.”

Courtney’s keen eye, boundless efforts, and writing expertise are at the top of the list of reasons why I get paid for grad school.“

“We absolutely loved the bios and website Courtney created for us, and couldn’t have asked for more.”

Courtney’s genuine passion for words, precision, and thoughtful, specific feedback will be invaluable to anyone looking for an editor determined to help make your work the best it can be.

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