In Bed: (Books I Read) in 2014…

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I realized while compiling this collection that looking back at the books you’ve read in the span of a year is a great way to take stock of the recent chapters of your own life.

Each book on my 2014 list is reminder of the mindset I was in at the time I read it, of what compelled me to buy/borrow/open it in the first place, and what made me continue turning the pages.

What if every year you catalogued what you read, and at different stages of your life looked back at the archive, using the books as placeholders of your experience? It’s an interesting lens to see through, an alternate way of accessing memory for the purpose of self-reflection.

So much of our collective energy is focused on what direction we’re headed and what we haven’t yet accomplished. It’s easy to feel, continually, like we aren’t quite where we want to be. Amidst the highs and lows of the past year, I’ve felt at times like I’m somehow ‘behind’. Perhaps thinking back on our reading choices and how they reflect different aspects of our lives can help us see our process (and progress) more clearly, so we value and respect the growth we’ve undergone.

So I’ll start here, with my 2014 reading list.

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