Q + A: Musician Adam Kittredge On His New Band Thieves, the Challenges of Artistic Collaboration, + What He Would Tell His 16 Year-Old Self

Two years ago, after 15 years, the Juno-nominated, Victoria, B.C.-based band Jets Overhead quietly stopped playing together. My friend Adam Kittredge, the band’s former frontman, has since started Thieves, a new musical project with an EP slated to be released in the coming months.


Earlier this summer, I asked Adam if he would be open to talking with me about his music career up to this point. Last week, we sat down for our phone chat, and, as in many of the conversations we’ve shared since our early twenties, covered a lot of ground.

Whether you know Adam personally, are a fan of Jets Overhead or Thieves, or are simply intrigued by the process, struggles, and insights of another creative human, I hope you’ll settle in with something to sip on, and enjoy the read. I sure enjoyed the chat. xx ~C.

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Q + A: Visual Artist Andie Nicole On Cultivating Creativity + Her Version of Magic

Last year, I was introduced to the work of a really talented Canadian artist.

Her name is Andie.


And her paintings are phenomenal.

Don't Go Jason Waterfalls

Tornado Watch

touch the moonAs some of you know, I spent three months living in Saskatoon with my dad and stepmom last spring while Joe and I were waiting out my immigration process.

One of the highlights of my time back in the prairies was getting to see Andie’s art, featured in a show at Gordon Snelgrove Gallery.

Coming of Age


Andie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from the University of Saskatchewan, where she graduated in 2013 with Great Distinction. She’s not only super talented, but a really sweet, open-hearted spirit, with a vibe you just want to be around.

I’m so happy to share Andie’s work with you all, along with her insights on the creative process. (It involves hula-hooping.) I hope you enjoy!

Q + A with Andie

What inspires you, gives you the urge to paint?

I find inspiration everywhere and in everything (typical… I know). I am observing and scanning constantly. I am fascinated by nature and curious about the lives of others whether real or imagined. Have you ever had the experience when looking at a piece of wood grain or other material – where you begin to see images… faces? I spent the first few years of my life surrounded by wood paneling (I thank my parents for their exquisite interior design or lack thereof!). Through imagination I discovered an entire colony of characters all with different personalities and histories. 

Nowadays, in addition to wood grains, I get lost within the spirit of different mediums as they tell me stories. Tools, paints, solvents, inks, and pastels effortlessly become my muses when they are poured and applied on canvas. The muse is the mythical power that creates art: the inspiration. The must in the artist’s studio is the spark that kindles creativity. Mediums reveal to me their secrets and arouse inspiration. Our relationship to each other, our game, our friction makes the sparks fly to light a new fire.

I also borrow a lot of ideas from other artists. What others have created astonishes me – so why not utilize what’s already there? I study images and techniques. I pick out things that I am drawn to, interpret what I appreciate from others’ techniques, and then approach my own work. 

What gives me the urge to paint seems like an easy question to answer, it makes me the happiest. Creative energy flows freely and my ideas and insights become a reality, in what I like to describe as magic. I get to be 100% myself and I get to learn more about who I am every time I create. It’s a beautiful thing.

Afro Diety

What are your creative habits?

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