People Say…

For Marketing, Copywriting + Editing

“Working with Courtney is as fun as drinking bubbly with your best friend! She sees the big picture easily and then applies her ninja moves to your words and ideas to make them sound even better than they do in your head. We have worked together developing the website, newsletters, advertisements, event strategies and overall direction for a HUGE real-estate development called Spring Lake Ranch, which started as a mere vision and is now a bustling little community. She has made selling land and homes FUN by constantly bringing her creativity and fresh ideas to the table. Courtney is self directed, extremely accountable and massively talented. She is the full marketing/copy writing/editing package wrapped up in a whole lotta goodness! As I’ve said many times before—Courtney, you ROCK. I love working with you.”

~Sarah Corker, Director of Sales and Marketing, Spring Lake Ranch

“As I spent six months poring over my creative non-fiction writing submission for grad school, my guide—every step of the way—was Courtney. When I needed reining in on long, over-reaching prose on living in South Korea, Courtney reigned. When I needed direction on theme, narration, and focus of voice, Courtney was my compass. And when I thought I could edit no more, she proved otherwise—gently, necessarily, and expertly.

Courtney took a scattered, 400 plus-page blog and helped me craft it into a clear, relevant, 30-page sample of essays on family, self, and culture-clash that will be my thesis and in a few years, a book. She not only helped me stay true to my voice; she cemented it and made it lasting.

So here I am—a teacher of Rhetoric and Composition at Colorado State University, simultaneously pursuing my Masters in Creative Nonfiction; and being paid a generous stipend for my efforts. Courtney’s keen eye, boundless efforts, and writing expertise are at the top of the list of reasons why I get paid for grad school.

~Samantha Tucker Iacovetto, South Korea Wish You Were Here, Graduate Student and Teacher, Colorado State University
“While designing the website for our retail clothing store, my sister and I struggled trying to describe our goals, accomplishments, and vision in a way that was well written, concise, interesting, and innovative. Well that’s exactly what was accomplished when we brought Courtney on board! By asking us well thought-out, specific, and unconventional questions, she was able to create content that captured our story and defined our individual strengths, showing that our collaborative skills are what makes our business successful. The process Courtney used made our part so easy and uncomplicated; she did all the work! We absolutely loved the bios and website content she created for us, and couldn’t have asked for more.”

~Juanita Schindel, Co-owner, The Sandbox In The City
“Courtney’s been my go-to editor throughout my academic career, and I continue to be impressed by her skills, professionalism, and critical insight.  She has edited several lengthy graduate papers, my Master of Arts thesis which exceeded 200 pages, and my Doctorate proposal.  She’s incredibly thorough, going above and way beyond the general copy editing realm of spelling, grammar and punctuation by offering insightful suggestions on word choice, how best to articulate my points, and key tips on how to write concisely.

From my experience as a graduate student who has enlisted the services of several different editors, she delivers a service that is both unique and highly appreciated.  As I am often working under tight timelines, her promptness and short turn-around times are key to my success.  Courtney’s genuine passion for words, precision, and thoughtful, specific feedback will be invaluable to anyone looking for an editor determined to help make your work the best it can be.”~Leah Shumka, Post Graduate Fellow, CARBC, University of Victoria

For Coco Busan:

“Oh how I wish my full time job was to lie in my bed and read your stories. Your words melt me.  I could read this forever.”

~Michel Feist, Ampersand Grey (Where the Owl Flies; Christmas Morning, Cebu City

“Amazing! Touching and hysterically funny.  A beautiful read.”

~Charlotte Million (An Ajumma Stole My Firewood)

“Again I am awake early in the morning and this is what I get to ingest. Warms the insides. Thanks for my cup of Korean teacher life!”

~Christian Douglas, RN (Stickers and Sharpeners: Teaching the Ivy League)

“Your writing is immaculate and engaging. What an exquisite post. This piece has a palpable and gorgeous heartbeat.”

~Gaeli Waldhaus, Stewardess, Private Luxury Yachts (Nameless Streets and Hussy Coffee; Of  Shells and Ships)

“You have a lovely way with words. Sumptuous.”

~Nadine Boyd, Walter Helena Photography (Tiny Monks, Big Temple)

“Your blog is beautifully written. Feeling nostalgic and inspired now.”

~Andy Duggan, Musician, The Black Sea + Sycamore Music (Plant Life for Stu (And a Dip Into the Past))

“Wonderful to have been able to follow two years of writing genius.”

~Stuart Adank, Gardener, Butchart Gardens (Kindergarten Goodbye)

For Free Bird:

“You are such an incredible writer.  I honestly get shivers and tears when I read your blog. You have a beautiful gift.”

~Catherine Minshull, Principal and Teacher, IC School

“Your talented writing amazes me every time! I thought I was sitting right next you around the fire, then it was back to reality.”

~Dianna Antee, Graduate Student, Graduate School of Education, Portland State University (Desert Dogs)

“You are a word wizard. Pure poetry. Beautiful stream of consciousness.”

~Kate Kittredge, Healthy Community Developer (Riding the Crazy Train; Seeing Varanasi)

“You are a wonderful storyteller. A master of your craft.”

~Rose Ebel, Technical Writer, Epic (Sharma, Baba, and the Monkeys; Desert Dogs)

“What a lovely read. It felt like I was there. With this kind of writing, I may just visit India in the future as well.”

~Johnathan Fillis, Attorney (4 Days in Delhi)

“Beautiful writing!”

~Andrea Clarkson, Fashion Buyer (Desert Dogs)


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