Confession: I’ve been spending my nights with Keith Richards

Keith Richards book cover Life.08-10

It starts around midnight–I settle in under the duvet, adjust the lamplight, take a sip of water. Then I flip open the page.

We’re currently in the middle of ’76. Richards has brought his seven-year-old son, Marlon, on tour through Europe–the two of them drive to the gigs, Marlon holding the map, Richards at the wheel. Marlon has been instructed to tell his dad when they’re 15 clicks away from the borders. Then it’s time to pull over, so Richards can “have a shot.” (After, he either dumps or re-sorts his stash, before crossing into the next country.) His heroin habit is very, very bad by this point in “Life,” but it never stops him from missing a show–though sometimes he arrives three hours late. He’s also taken to sleeping with a gun under his pillow.

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THE NINE: Eve Joseph on The Irrational Madness of Writing

“. . . I want to know about blindness. I want to

ask poetry where the birds went when they disappeared and how it

was they reappeared in cursive loops like a new language above the

daffodil fields one afternoon in late March.”

~Eve Joseph (from “Questions”, The Secret Signature of Things)

Eve Joseph

Ask Eve Joseph if it’s day or night, and she won’t be able to tell you. At least, not when she’s consumed by writing.

The author of two books of poetry: The Startled Heart (2004) and The Secret Signature of Things (2010), and the recipient of multiple awards and nominations including the CBC Literary Awards shortlist for Creative non-fiction, Eve calls her writing process a “compulsive, irrational, self-absorbed kind of madness.”

She explored this compulsion in her interview with me for The Nine, opening up about what drew her to language as a young girl, the years she didn’t write, and the ways in which writing surprises her.  Read more

My new website! Open-hearted + ready for you.

Hello, friends.  I’m so excited to share with you my new home on the web! Plans for this baby have been in the works for the last year, and pulling back the curtain today feels exhilarating, timely, and so right.

I invite you to take a wander through the pages.  Learn about working with me. Check out the deets on my new interview series THE NINE, and read the very first NINE interview below—with Vancouver-based writer + filmmaker Garfield Lindsay Miller.  (He gives it to us straight.)

If you like what you see, I hope you’ll share with your people, and subscribe!  That would be lovely.

Big, big thanks to:

~Ben Moore at Signal Creative for his tech + coding savvy.

~My fiance Joe for his support through my hair-splitting creative decisions on colours, fonts, and text.

~All of you reading this, for your love and interest in what I’m up to.

I’m done formatting now.  (Yay.)  It’s time to write!

xo ~Courtney

THE NINE: Writer + Filmmaker Garfield Lindsay Miller on Motivation, Filming the Dalai Lama, and What Scares Him

Garfield Lindsay Miller

Photo credit: Sioux Bonderove


After taking a History of World Cinema class at Wesleyan—a small liberal arts college in Conneticut—when he was 20, Garfield Lindsay Miller began to experience film as an art form.  This discovery led him to Sweden, England, and Morocco, where he worked on student films assisting with everything from moving equipment to shooting and production management.

Later torn between the pursuit of a law degree or becoming a storyteller (a decision he considers one of the most difficult of his life), Garfield chose film—a path that has brought him a Gemini nomination and the Wilber and Silver Chris Awards for the documentary The Fires That Burn, a TIFF premiere and AIFF award for the feature film A Stone’s Throw, a meeting with the Dalai Lama at his compound in Dharamsala, and most recently, a stint in the Writer’s room for Bitten—an upcoming werewolf-themed TV series.  He still wonders if he made the right choice.

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