Q+A: Musician Adam Kittredge On His New Band Thieves, the Challenges of Artistic Collaboration, + What He Would Tell His 16 Year-Old Self

Two years ago, after 15 years, the Juno-nominated, Victoria, B.C.-based band Jets Overhead quietly stopped playing together. My friend Adam Kittredge, the band’s former frontman, has since started Thieves, a new musical project with an EP slated to be released in the coming months.


Earlier this summer, I asked Adam if he would be open to talking with me about his music career up to this point. Last week, we sat down for our phone chat, and, as in many of the conversations we’ve shared since our early twenties, covered a lot of ground.

Whether you know Adam personally, are a fan of Jets Overhead or Thieves, or are simply intrigued by the process, struggles, and insights of another creative human, I hope you’ll settle in with something to sip on, and enjoy the read. I sure enjoyed the chat. xx ~C.

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When Your Husband Meets Your Friends (Going Home, Part 3)


Joe and I have been together for almost four years, but because we met in South Korea, the first two years of our relationship took place in Asia. We refer to this time as ‘the Korea bubble’ because we felt like we were in our own world. The early months of a relationship typically include meeting each other’s friends and family, but aside from hanging out with my dad and sister, who happened to visit me in Korea while I was dating Joe, we didn’t have that opportunity. Our move to Portland and an immigration process that restricted how many times I could re-enter the US made it difficult for us to visit Canada, so until last May, Joe had only been to Victoria once, to meet my mom.

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When Robin Williams Won the Oscar, and Thoughts on Depression

Last night before we went to sleep Joe and I watched a few clips of Robin Williams, in interviews with Johnny Carson and Craig Ferguson, and performing his hysterical stand-up routines. This morning I wanted to share one of them, but was torn on which one. In the end I decided this joyous moment of when he won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for “Good Will Hunting” felt right.

Hearing of anyone living with depression always hits home for me. It’s an illness present in my own family, and I have seen and felt its impact personally. It’s hard to know how to help someone you love who is suffering from the effects of depression, but certainly talking about it—what it is, how it feels, and what resources are available—more openly amongst ourselves is an essential part of creating a culture that supports and encourages those who feel depressed, as well as their friends and family members, to reach out.

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On “Boyhood”


You’ve probably heard about the excellent reviews that “Boyhood”, the new film by Richard Linklater, is getting. It’s scoring 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, and, in the words of the critics:

“An extraordinarily intimate portrait of a life unfolding and an exceptional, unconventional film.” (Los Angeles Times)

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Going Home: Part 2 (The Vortex + Senanus Swim)

Going home always starts with a visit to my mom’s, and is almost always followed by hanging out with Adam and Antonia.


For those of you reading who don’t know them, they are my super talented musician friends, currently expressing their melodic awesomeness with their band Thieves. I could go on, but I’ll save the details for my upcoming interview with Adam. We’re gonna chat about music, life, transitions, the future…the sort of ground we’ve been covering in our lengthy conversations over the last 15 years or so, but shared here, on the blog. This is an interview I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and I’m really stoked we’re making it happen.

So a couple days after we returned to Victoria from Salt Spring, Joe and I drove out to Adam’s mom’s house for a BBQ. Tucked away off a narrow road in Saanichton, about 30 minutes from Victoria, this house is the stuff dreams are made of. (I rarely use clichés, but in this case, totally necessary.) Once you arrive, you never want to leave. We call it The Vortex.

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Going Home: Part 1 (Surprise Trip to Salt Spring)

One of the best parts of growing up in Victoria was being so close to the Gulf Islands—an archipelago in the Strait of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and the mainland. IMG_0767If you’re into camping oceanside, hiking through dense forests covered in moss, checking out paintings and pottery in artist markets, hanging out in cozy cafes (that serve organic, delicious everything) and buying fresh berries and flowers from little roadside stalls, the Gulf Islands are pretty much heaven.

The one closest to Victoria is called Salt Spring, and it’s a place my brother and I visited with my mom when we were kids. She hadn’t been back in decades, so for her 60th birthday, we decided to surprise her with a weekend trip. I found this super cute cottage called Tantramar

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