Who I Am


I’m Courtney Tait—writer, editor, and blogger.

I believe words hold huge power and potential, and I strive to harness this power in every piece of work I put out into the world.

As a writer of articles and non-fiction stories, I craft fresh, compelling prose on people, culture, travel, home design, fashion, and lifestyle—striving to evoke the emotions and imagination.

As an editor, I help writers develop their voice and style, giving in-depth, line-by-line guidance with a straight-up, soulful approach.

Merging my skills, I work with small businesses to shape their message into copy that’s striking, authentic, and high-impact—engaging their clients in ways that create relationships and profit.

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A Little Backstory

I live in Portland, Oregon, with my husband Joe and our cat Cleo. In 2012 Joe and I backpacked through India, Indonesia, and Cambodia for 15 weeks. I captured the experience on my blog Free Bird 105.

Before that, I lived in South Korea for two years, teaching English, writing articles for Eloquence Magazine and Korea How, and breaking into the blogging world with my digital home Coco Busan.

Pre-Korea, I sold custom homes for Spring Lake Ranch, a real-estate development in Edmonton, Alberta. I also wrote, edited, and consulted for the company’s marketing department, and currently create content for their sales newsletters and events, advertising campaigns, website, and social media.

I’ve been taught by some of the best writing professors in Canada, at the University of Victoria, where I completed my B.A. with distinction in Creative Writing and Journalism.

8 True Things

1. Alongside writing, travel is my biggest passion. I’ve backpacked throughout Western Europe (in Birkenstocks, which were cool back then), sailed along the Nile on a Feluka boat in Egypt, hauled a guitar around South East Asia, motorbiked (passenger style) across an island in the Philippines, and slept on several overnight trains in India, one of which re-ignited my fear of claustrophobia. While on the road, my fundraising techniques have included working the phones in a Northern England telebanking office, cleaning glass-bottom boats in Israel, selling art supplies in Australia, and serving flat-white coffees on the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island.  The list of places I want to see on the planet just gets longer.

2. When I was nine, I told my mom I wanted be an author.  Aside from an adolescent dream of becoming an actress and living in New York City, the writing path has stuck with me.

3. I was born in Canada’s ‘Paris of the prairies’—Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but grew up mostly in Victoria, B.C.—a beautiful city on Vancouver Island.

4. I’m highly analytical and deeply empathetic, which can make for a busy brain and a very full heart. I nurture both with brisk walks and yoga. These same traits are also what make me a good editor.

5. I love vintage furniture, patio gardens, and interior design. My home is my haven.

6. Friendships are a big part of my world. I spend a lot of time listening, talking, laughing, and keeping in touch with the people I love.

7. The wildest place I’ve ever visited is Varanasi, India. I wrote about the experience here.

8. When I was five my divorced parents pulled my brother and I out of school for nine months and took us on a trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.  Divorced!  Travelling together—on a very tight budget—because they wanted their kids to see the world. I’m eternally grateful for this. (You can read about my mom here and my dad here.)

I’d love to hear from you!

You can say hello here and learn more about working with me here.


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