Who I Am

Hello ~ I’m Courtney Tait, a writer, editor, and blogger.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Joe on the top floor of a Victorian house. This photo was taken in Delhi in 2012, at the start of a three month backpacking trip through India, Indonesia, and Cambodia. I captured the experience on my blog Free Bird 105.

Before that, I lived in South Korea for two years,  freelance writing, teaching English, and breaking into the blogging world with my digital home Coco Busan.

In 2009, I completed my B.A. in Creative Writing and Journalism at the University of Victoria. My work is a mix of editorial for magazines, web and ad copy, blog content, and editing for a range of clients.

Searching for a writer or editor? Learn about working with me, what my clients say and what’s in my portfolio.

A little more backstory…

* Alongside writing, travel is my biggest passion. I’ve backpacked throughout Western Europe, sailed along the Nile on a Feluka boat in Egypt, hauled a guitar around South East Asia, motorbiked (passenger style) across an island in the Philippines, and slept on several overnight trains in India, one of which re-ignited my fear of claustrophobia. The list of places I want to see on the planet just gets longer.

* When I was nine, I told my mom I wanted be an author.  Aside from an adolescent dream of becoming an actress and living in New York City, the writing path has stuck with me.

* I was born in Canada’s ‘Paris of the prairies’—Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but grew up mostly in Victoria, B.C.—a beautiful city on Vancouver Island.

* I’m analytical and empathetic, which can make for a busy brain and a full heart. I nurture both with brisk walks and yoga. These same traits are also what make me a good editor.

* I love vintage furniture, patio gardens, and interior design. My home is my haven.

* The wildest place I’ve ever visited is Varanasi, India. I wrote about the experience here.

* When I was five my parents pulled my brother and I out of school for nine months and took us on a trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.  They had been divorced for three years and were travelling on a very tight budget, but they wanted their kids to see the world. I’m eternally grateful for this. (You can read about my mom here and my dad here.)

* Friendships are a big part of my world. I spend a lot of time listening, talking, laughing, and keeping in touch with the people I love.

Want to say hello? Come on over.


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